Hope Lodge Donation

Thank you Jordan for your generous and caring contribution. This means a lot to us going through difficult times. Having one less thing to worry about is a blessing. Hope Lodge is a wonderful place filled with a very compassionate and thoughtful staff. The community support shared among patients makes a big difference after a day of treatments. We are all in this together! Thanks to people like yourself, the world is a brighter place!
Garry Backlund – Norway, Michigan

Jordan, thank you for donating such a generous gift to the Hope Lodge in Rochester MN. Without the American Cancer Society and people like you, the lodge would not exist. This would mean I’d have to pay in excess of $100 per night for motel room or commute 5 hours a day for radiation treatment. Thank you again.
Dan Berglund – Pine City, Minnesota

Next to poor health worries, I feel financial worries are huge! If we were staying in a motel/hotel for 5-6 weeks of treatment, we simply couldn’t afford to be treated. We are most grateful & appreciative of Hope Lodge all who help to fund it. My husband has battled 2 types of cancer this year, so this is our 2nd time at Hope Lodge in 2018. We are doubly appreciative & thankful of you. Thank you so very much.
Nancy – Illinois

Dear Jordan, thank you for believeing in the healing support of Hope Lodge. Your generous gift will keep on giving and inspiring others to keep our fight against cancer ongoing. God’s blessings!
Dennis & Karen Martinson – Glenwood, Minnesota

Thank you, Mr. Clarkson, for your generous gift to Hope Lodge! “Hope Lodge” provides an immeasurable service the people from all over the world, that makes our trying times very comfortable.
Ed Aton – Tecumsch, Michigan

My wife and I’s stay at the Hope Lodge has renewed my faith in strangers helping strangers. That you care to help with the work of the Hope Lodge, means that so many more strangers can experience the unexpected joy of staying at the Hope Lodge.
David – Rock Island, Illinois

Jordan, thank you so much for your time, your donation, and the passion you hold for the Hope Lodge. Donations such as yours, help us continue to provide free lodging to all these wonderful people on a daily basis. We will be forever grateful for your generosity and passion.
Jammie McGuire – Hope Lodge Manager